Ryal Commodities Trading Program (RCTP) is the program currently offered by Ryal Capital Advisors.

RCTP mainly trades futures and options on futures contracts on agricultural commodities and other commodities. A primary strategy used by the Ryal Commodities Trading Program is the selling of both call and put options on futures contracts, which seeks profits primarily from the passage of time. The method also attempts to be relatively delta neutral in its positions. The Advisor may also use other trading strategies, including, without limiting the foregoing, short-term and long-term trend following strategies, arbitrage strategies, long and short spreads (strangles, straddles, ratio spreads, put and call spreads), delta neutral strategies and futures spreads.
We believe this program will be mostly suitable for investors who are seeking an alternative return or diversification, which has the potential to gain consistently over time. We also believe that this program is a great complement to trend followers and other systematic strategies.

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