Ryal Macro Commodities Fund trades a diverse portfolio of commodity futures contracts and options thereon, including, but not limited to, financial index futures, interest rate futures, agricultural futures, metals futures, energy futures and soft futures (coffee, sugar and cocoa). By broadly diversifying across a wide array of markets, we attempt to diminish the importance of any one position in the portfolio.

Ryal Commodities Trading Program

To achieve the investment objective, the Fund will take advantage of market trends and market volatilities. The fund will mainly invest in the following strategies:

          Options strategies

          Futures trading programs

          Dispersion strategies

          Commodity indexes options

          Arbitrage strategies (options arbitrage, commodities arbitrage)

Derivative instruments are actively used to leverage certain opportunities and/or for hedging purposes.

Investment Process

Choosing the portfolio: investment decisions are based mainly on fundamental factors and objective market tendencies.

Step-by-step analysis of investment process: we explore and track market balance in each specific instrument, we monitor volatility in different price levels.

When fundamental factors balance changes accompanied by other market indicators (volatility, volumes of opened positions, inventories etc.) we make trading decisions.